Professional video & photo production services

VAHVA Pictures helps businesses to deliver their content from A to Ö in Helsinki, Finland.s

The process

The process is the heart of the service. Every company has some kind of process, especially in video productions, it is somewhat like this…

1. Planning phase

Finding out the customer problems and aligning it to your business offering.

2. Production phase

Producing the video according to the plan and script. Capturing the best out of your offering.

3. Post-production

Post-production including editing and toning. Overall setting the mood for the package.

4. Created value

Delivering the outcome to the end-customer. Helping buying process or decision making.


Music video

Client: Violently Human (Band)

Music Video

Client: Violently Human (Band)

Corporate Video

Client: Bertschi AG

Corporate Video

Client: Design Tape Oy



100 / hour + VAT 24%
  • Still photography
  • Professional photo services
  • Team photos, product photos, etc.


5000 + VAT 24%
  • Video production
  • You design everything
  • Get specifically what you want

Frequently asked questions

Depends on the project scope. Some take 2 days, some take 2 weeks.

We have wide range of production gear that we have or have possibility to utilise in projects:

  • Professional camera equipment by Sony
  • Wide range of lenses to fit many purposes
  • Drone for aerial image
  • Studio lights
  • Smoke machines
  • Image stabilizers
  • Duct tape for serious business

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