SHIITAKE – Chair. Representing a fallen tree that has experienced a rebirth as a piece of furniture. Perfect for creative arts, programming or arguing at Twitter without facts.

The metal frame with lacquered pine board is suitable for both modern and traditional interior design. Size 40x45cm.

Price (VAT) 24%

Delivery time 3-4 weeks


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SHIITAKE chair is made by Finnish handcrafted from durable materials. As materials coated steel and lacquered pine. The steel frame does not become shaky over time, so the product will withstand even the most severe use for decades.

The product is made from 95% recycled materials.


Chair: 40 x 45 cm

Every order is unique for you

So that we can serve you exactly for your needs, we build every SHIITAKE – chair according to your wishes. We manufacture each product to order, so we don’t keep goods in stock.

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Delivery time on order about 3-4 weeks.

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